These are the shows that made London Clown Festival 2018 so much fun. We're looking forward to the line up for 2019!

Opening Night Cabaret

London Clown Festival

Mirth, Maud & Marvel

17th May, 20:00 (90 mins)

£8 (£7 conc.)


One of the funnest nights of the Festival.


The Opening Night Cabaret event for the 2018 London Clown Festival is a mix of the finest performers from across the festival giving you a taste of what's to come overall. 

Hosted by The Establishment


It’s not one to miss.

Join us for the show from 8-10pm and stay to party to the wee hours.

Siblings: Acting Out A Work In Progress

Farr's School of Dancing

19th May, 19.00 (60 mins)

£8 (£7conc)


Part time character comedians and full time sisters Maddy and Marina Bye are ripe and ready take on the big smoke with a fresh work-in-progress after a sell-out show 2017, this time with a bit of clowning (no pie), serious acting (some pie) and some real deep-rooted familial issues (pie). Expect plenty of characters, lots of drama, zero dignity and a whole lot of synchronised dance. Material suitable for anyone who has or has seen a sister


YOU Magazines rising stars of British Comedy 2018

Funny Women Regional Finalists

✭✭✭✭ "Definitely stars in the making" Voice Mag

 "Watch Out for these Gals" Jennifer Saunders

John-Luke Roberts: All I Wanna Do Is [FX: GUNSHOTS] With a [FX: GUN RELOADING] and a [FX: CASH REGISTER] and Perform Some Comedy!

Mirth, Marvel and Maud

19 May, 19:00 (55 mins)

£8 (£7conc.) 

A brand new hour of extraordinary absurdist character clown comedy nonsense. Just terrific. Blam Blam!

“This is alternative comedy close to its pinnacle” ★★★★ Chortle

“An hour of joyously daft character comedy” ★★★★ The Telegraph

Heather and Harry

Mirth Marvel and Maud

20th May, 19.30 (50 mins)

£8 (£7conc)


Stumble Trip Theatre presents ‘Heather and Harry’. A highly physical genre-blending, gender blending love story. Combining clown, cabaret, theatre and some impressive rapping ‘Heather and Harry’ is an extremely silly unpicking of what it means to be human.... and in LOVE. 

Getting It Wrong

Carol Thompson

Mirth Marvel and Maud

19th May, 17.30 (40 mins)

£6 (£5conc)


Sometimes we try so hard to get it right and it turns out wrong! Getting It Wrong is a work in progress about an older girl looking back at a younger girl who has much to learn about dealing with life in the face of betrayal. The heroine goes on a comic and poignant journey to discover that it’s not just young people who get it wrong. It’s adults too! How much does it matter? Can she get over it? See how she tries.

I Fratelli Lehman (The LehmanBrothers)

Mirth Marvel and Maud

20th May, 14.30 (55 mins)

£6 (£5conc)


 Fratelli Lehman are two wolves of Wall Street. They have it all: fast cars, beautiful secretaries. However, one day their fortune is wiped out in a flash. From riches to rags they have to climb the mountain of success once again. A clown show about money, greed, and love.

Trishelle: Out of Order

Farr's School of Dancing

18th May, 19:00 (60 mins)

£6 (£5conc.)


Katie and her friend Trishelle share a provocative, interactive and playful story about drugs, sobriety and being human. We learn about what Katie wants ultimately for herself and for us all. 

★★★★★ Everything Theatre ★★★★★To Do List ★★★★ Mumble Comedy ★★★★ Comedy Coroner ★★★★ SHORTCOM


Mirth, Marvel and Maud

20th May, 16:00 (120 mins)

£5 (£4conc.)


Do you have a 5-10 minute piece you would like to try at the festival? We open the space for clown performers to try their acts in front of a warm and lovely audience some of their freshest ideas. Hosted by Andrea Spisto, curating a lovely afternoon with the creme of the fresh. If you would like to participate please email with the subject CLOWN SCRATCH and 50 words about your act.

ExperTeaZe: The Royal Wedding

Mirth, Marvel and Maud

19th May, 22:00 (60 mins)

£8 (£7conc.) 

ExperTeaZe is back. London’s cutting edge and raucously topical cabaret, returns to the London Clown Festival. To celebrate Megs and Haz's Nuptials. Halos on our heads, jewels on our 'ginas. 



This wildly provocative and divinely silly show is a platform for women in comedy to disrupt the status quo – and change the world as they do. All acts have never been seen before - tailored for this very special occasion. 


Fe-Line-up to be announced very soon...


It is going to be sidesplitting, sensational, and very, very stately.


"Bewitched and beautifully bewildered by this magnificent clown coven led by Amy Gwilliam" (@shesaws aka Victoria Falconer)

Viggo Venn: Pepito

Mirth Marvel and Maud

19th May, 20:30 (60 mins)

£8 (£7conc.)


Best Comedy Award Fringe World Perth 2018 Nominee

Best Comedy Award Brighton Fringe 2017 Nominee


After a run at Melbourne International Comedy festival Gaulier-trained Norwegian Viggo Venn brings a chaotic mess of a clown show to London!


'My cheeks were aching from laughter. ★★★★★' Fringe Guru (UK) 

'I laughed so much my face hurt. ★★★★½' The Latest (UK)

Michael Brunström: The Great Fire of London

Mirth Marvel and Maud

19th May, 16:00 (60 mins)

£6 (£5conc.)


A surreal one-man re-enactment of the mighty conflagration of 1666. Includes a prancing duck called Samuel Pepys.

"An artistic genius." Skinny

"Sense-bendingly entertaining… great, crazy, never-to-be-forgotten comedy." Scotsman

"Hilariously silly." Chortle

Winner of the Malcolm Hardee Award for Comic Originality.

Finding Home

Mirth Marvel and Maud

19th May, 2:30 (50 mins)

£6 (£5conc.)


In "Finding Home" the audience and the performer will create together a world between absurdity and innocence, tragedy and comedy, on the edge between art and life, in a dialogue of love and loneliness.

The yearning for being understood, the happiness of finding and the sadness of losing.

Performer: Denni Dennis, Wales/ Denmark

Co-writer and Director: Sue Morrison, Artistic Director of the Theatre Resource Centre, Canada

Costumes and set: Philip Ignatiev, Russia

Butt Kapinski

Deanna Fleysher (USA)

The Albany

25th May, 20:30 (60 mins)

£10 (£9 conc.)

Think it’s a solo show? Think again. Private eye Butt Kapinski invites you to co-star in a film noir murder mystery. An international immersive-comedy sensation, for adults only. If you hate audience participation, this show is for you. If you love audience participation, this show is for you.

Best Comedy Award Fringe World 2017.
★★★★★ “A tour de force of character comedy” — The Independent
★★★★ “This is not audience participation, this is immersive comedy like you have never experienced. And we love it” —The Scotsman

Amy HoopLovin is... The Hooper Hero

Mirth, Marvel and Maud

30th May, 14:00 (45 mins)

£7 adult, £5 child, £20 Family ticket

The Hooper Hero - Quest for the Best!

Heaps of hoops, sparkles everywhere, plenty of banana fuel and some rather dandy hula hoop acrobatic manoeuvres to boot! After earning official Superhero Status, The Hooper Hero is on her Quest for the Best... SIDEKICK! And you are invited to be part of the great discovery! 


Performed, written and directed by Amy HoopLovin

Co-directed by Dan Lees

Inda Pereda: Lubbert

Mirth, Marvel and Maud

23rd May, 19:00 (55 mins)

24th May, 20:30 (55 mins)

£8 (£7conc.) 

UK Premier

Meet Lubbert Dash, the first draft of man on earth. Lubbert loves his garden. He loves exploring imaginary worlds in his garden….imaginary worlds with grotesque characters… grotesque characters, foolish situations and surreal images in his delightful garden. Lubbert knows no borders, in fact, Lubbert knows no words. Lubbert loves moving and laughing with you in his absurd garden. Trust me, you`ll never feel the same after you`ve met Lubbert. “Lubbert” is the new stunning physical comedy show by Inda Pereda based on his favourite painting: Hieronymus Bosch`s “The Garden of Earthly Delights”.


“Inda Pereda made me giggle, snort, guffaw and squirm around in my seat." Red Bastard


"Master at work!” Theatre Bubble

Madame Señorita: QUEST!ON

The Albany

29th May, 20:30 (45 mins)

30th May, 22:00 (45 mins)

£8 (£7conc.) 

Award winning Spanish Clown-Diva show inspired by Life Crisis & The Really Big Questions. Chaotic, funny, and at moments heart-breakingly sad.

"A physical comedy Talent" (Chortle)



"Mesmerizing Silliness" (Fest Magazine)

Enter the Dragons

Mirth, Marvel and Maud

22nd May, 19:00 (60 mins)

£8 (£7conc.) 

Enter the Dragons is a riotous, surreal odyssey exploring the pressures facing women as they age. A knock-out combination of joy and dissent which gives ageing a good kick up the arse. Bobby winner Best Show Brighton Fringe 2017.

'Utterly hilarious, simply ingenious'

**** (
***** (

Chimney Pot's Twisted Jazz

The Albany

25th May, 19:00 (50 mins)

£6 (£5conc.) 

Is it a man? Is it a woman? No it's a Chimney Pot and old Chimney is about to take you deep deep deep down south to New Orleans. A surreal and surprising tale of woe, madness and love told through the medium of Jazz. You ever dressed up as an inanimate object? Well I have...

Henry Café: Quiz Machine

Mirth Marvel and Maud

22nd May, 20:45 (55 mins)



Henry Café, quiz host and death investigator, investigates death and hosts a quiz. To catch a killer, sometimes you have to think like a killer. Sometimes you have to host a pub quiz. Character comedy from Henry Café. **** 'Baffling but really kind of wonderful.' (List).

Late Night Nonsense - Variety Show

The Albany

25th May, 22:00 (60 mins)

£5 (£4conc.) 

A rip-roaring journey into the exquisite minds of our Multi-Awkward-Winning performers. Featuring Julia Masli, Hanna Winter & The Duncan Brothers. 

''If you feel the need for a little crazy in your life... they would be the people to provide it'' - Kate Copstick


Mirth, Marvel and Maud

23rd May, 20:30 (60 mins)

£8 (£7conc.)


'TWIAO' is a clown's journey to self- discovery through characters and situations, some utterly surreal, some playfully subtle. Gorgee is a manchild who just wants to be loved. pulling back the curtains to show his vulnerable world via silly accents, physical theatre and an array of props, the show is as honest as it is funny. audience participation allows Gorgee to form a bond with his spectators, involving them in the ridiculous onstage antics and the emotional finale that brings to light some musings on the complexity of life and performance- Gorgee is 'trying to work it all out' (TTWIAO)

Lcy Hopk: Secrt Circl

Mirth, Marvel and Maud

24th May, 19:00 (60 mins)

£8 (£7conc.) 

Calling the courageous, loving, faithless and broken to the interactive ceremony of love you always hoped you'd never need. 

Hosted by award-winning priestess / idiot / person Lucy Hopkins.

"...impossible to resist marching to the beat of her drum" Exeunt

Captain Cauliflower and Marvin the Mischievous Moose

Mad Etiquette

Mirth, Maud & Marvel

28th May, 14:00 (50 mins)

£7 adult, £5 child, £20 Family ticket

Come and join the invincible Captain Cauliflower and his faithful companion on an unforgettable adventure, filled with extreme silliness and unquestionable danger. Joyous fun for all the family.

(recommended min. age 3)


"Downright hilarious" Broadway Baby, 

"Silliness as an art form" The Scotsman

FOC IT UP at The London Clown Festival Scratch

The Albany

28th May, 20:30 (120 mins)

£5 (£4conc.)


Andrea Spisto (London Clown Festival)


and Kemah Bob (FOC IT UP: Femmes of Color Comedy Club) - celebrating and centering the perspectives of POC in comedy that identify as women, non-binary or more feminine-of-center, are joining forces to present to you scratch pieces from our brilliant FOC - comedy clowns.


To participate email:  with 50 words about your piece. If you have always wanted to try clown there is a pay what you feel workshop available on May 26th. Click here for more info. 


The Albany

28 May, 19:00 (55 mins)

£6 (£5conc.) 

Nathan Lang tells the surreal tale of The Stuntman through physical comedy, mime, characters and real onstage stunts.

Only a complete idiot could be this fearless.

“An effortlessly remarkable piece of clownery” (Mumble)

“His eyes gleam with an absorbing mischief” (The Stage)

“Electric, hilarious” (

Kat Bond: Emotion in Progress

Mirth Marvel and Maud

29th May, 19.00 (60 mins)

£8 (£7conc)


Award Winning comic Kat Bond and one of lifes fighters brings a fantastic new WIP show to London Clown Festival. After a sell out Ed Fringe 2017 with her critically acclaimed debut Loo Roll she is back this time with a more personal tale about her many emotions told with the help of Kate Bush, a support animal and a parachute. 'Offbeat brilliance' The Times **** As seen and heard on BBC1's Call the Midwife, Feed My Funny, Ch 4 Blaps, Sky Arts and Radio 4 Sketchorama.

Jeff the Chef: Everybody Hungry?

The Albany

29th May, 19:00 (60 mins)

£5 (£4conc.)


Hello everybody, My names Jeff and I'm a Chef. Everybody hungry? Good.  Then come along for good imaginary food, learn new cooking techniques, sample my imaginary food. Step aside Ramsey, Oliver, Berry, Hollywood, Jeff the Chef is here. 'Jeff the Chef is a beautifully realised character' Total Theatre

A work-in-progress' show from jody kamali


Mirth, Marvel and Maud

28th May, 22:00 (60 mins)

£5 (£4conc.) 

Who cares if Dad isn't coming back? Strap in for the activity-filled weekend of a lifetime with the men who make your mum happy! The first step to having fun... is Stepdads. A darkly comic double act from Tom Curzon and Luke Rollason ("hugely entertaining" - Chortle).

Zuma Puma: Don't Do It. Don't Do It. Do it!

The Albany

30th May, 19:00 (60 mins)

£6 (£5conc.)

Do it or don’t do it- ever experience the curiosity dilemma? Zuma Puma (Gaulier & Patchenko trained clown) explores what it is to be pushed off the straight and narrow into the frontiers of womanhood. Embark on a ridiculous journey of Self Empowerment, Curiosity, Body positivity, Consent, Loss and Rebellion to find out what happens when she does it. 


Mirth Marvel and Maud

29th May, 20:30 (70 mins)

£6 (£5conc.)


The FEMS are a garish explosion of flamingo monsters who come to party, to play and to destroy toxic masculinity.

These glittering outcasts from the sequinned swamp, present a kamikaze cabaret and monstrous melodrama in the bouffon style. Radical queer feminist clown theatre at its finest fluffiest, and most threatening.

Loose Brie

The Albany

30th May, 20:30 (60mins)

£5 (£4 conc.)

In real life, Loose Brie (Martin and Phil) live together in a tiny flat. It can be tough. A lot goes unsaid. In this show, they’re going to solve everything... else. The world’s ills. All of them. In an hour. It can't be that hard, right?


'Promising twosome' (Evening Standard). 'Bold performers... following their own path' ( 'I laughed – a lot' **** ( So You Think You’re Funny Sketch Finalists 2017. As seen on Comic Relief and BBC3.

Madame Senorita: QUEST!ON

The Albany

29th May 20:30 (60 mins)

30th May, 22:00 (60 mins)

£8 (£7conc.)

Award winning Spanish Clown-Diva show inspired by Life Crisis & The Really Big Questions. Chaotic, funny, and at moments heart-breakingly sad. "A physical comedy Talent" (Chortle) 


Paul Currie

Mirth, Marvel and Maud

30th May, 20:30 (60 mins)

£8 (£7conc.)

Paul Currie is a street performing stand up clown. Taking inspiration from many contemporary clowns/ stand ups such as Andy Kaufman, Steve Martin, Vic & Bob to The Goons and Python and having studied under many great clowns since 1999 from around the globe including Avner (Eisenberg) aka the Eccentric (USA), Bill Irwin (USA) , Tony Trifolikom (DEN), Joe Dieffenbacher (US/UK), Dr PALFI (UK), John Lee (UK) and Fraser Hooper (UK/NZ) 

Paul's fusion of street performing, stand up clownarchy takes the viewer on a manic sweat gloom of nonsense like no other. 


Winner : ARTS AWARD "pick of the fringe 2016"

Andrea Spisto: Miss Venezuela. Work in progress

Farr's School of Dancing

19th May, 20:30 (60 mins)

Mirth, Marvel and Maud

30th May, 19:00

£6 (£5conc.) 

One Venezuelan beauty queen goes on a radical journey of self-discovery as she prepares for the all-important Miss Universe competition. Andrea Spisto uses a combination of character comedy, extravagant costume, hip-hop influences and high-octane clowning to tear apart ideals of pristine beauty and propriety. Centering love and power as its message, its goal is to inspire the audience to liberate their spirits and join Miss Venezuela in an intimate queer carnival of togetherness.

Clowns Without Borders Cabaret

Mirth, Maud & Marvel

1st June, 22:00 (2 hours)

£8, £7 (conc.) 


This cabaret in aid of Clowns Without Borders will raise funds so refugee children living through the worst of circumstances can experience laughter and hope.  

Through their performances and workshops they remind kids, living through the worst of circumstances, it’s OK to be a child. These moments of respite give children the opportunity to engage in imaginative play, self-expression and laughter when they need to the most.

Experts call this “psycho-first aid”, they call it “laughter aid”.

The Porter Cabaret

Farr's School of Dancing

18th May, 22:00 (180 mins)

Mirth, Marvel and Maud

31st May, 22:00 (180 mins)



Staying true to the spirit of Shakespeare's Porter from Macbeth, five idiots present their 'mostly improvised' versions of the enigmatic drunk.

Stupidity and hilarity ensue as our clowns do anything to stay on stage and ensure that you 'Remember the Porter'

The Establishment:

Fool Britannia

Mad Etiquette

Farr's School Of Dancing

18th May, 20:30 (60mins)

£6 (£5 conc.)

Mirth, Marvel and Maud

31st May,20:30 (60mins)

£6 (£5 conc.)

Critically-acclaimed double act Dan Lees and Neil Frost take you back to school for a very abridged and extremely silly British history lesson.


"A fast-paced, multidimensional masterclass in comedy" Edinburgh

Festivals Magazine


"This is silliness as an art form" Kate Copstick, The Scotsman

Nina Conti is Monkey:

Work in Progress

Mirth, Maud & Marvel

1st June, 19:00 (60 mins)

£12 (£11 conc.)


The ultimate evolution of the act that Nina has been developing for 15 years. Monkey is now completely in control. Finding herself to be a sidekick in her own life, Nina has allowed herself to be fully consumed by monkey. What happens now that he is truly autonomous and off the leash? 


British Comedy Award winner Nina Conti improvises unforgettable puppetry, using live audience members, with the help of cartoonish masks and her simian sidekick, Monkey.

She’s stormed Live at the Apollo, Russell Howard’s Good News, Sunday Night at the Palladium and made a BAFTA-nominated film, and all without moving her lips.

Stupid Zoo

Mirth Marvel and Maud

2nd June, 13.00 (45 mins)

£7 adult, £5 child, £20 Family ticket


If David Attenborough and Edward Lear went on a pub-crawl and at the end of the night devised a theatre piece, this would probably be it. 

Stupid Zoo is a non-verbal, absurd physical comedy and DIY puppetry show, made by two idiots with too much cardboard.

Mawaan Rizwan: Juice (Work in progress)

Mirth, Marvel and Maud

1st June, 20:30 (60 mins)

£8 (£7conc.) 

Fresh from supporting Simon Amstell on tour, Mawaan brings you a deeply personal & skilfully physical show about love, freedom and Missy Elliot. 


Over 18 million views on YouTube, star of ITV’s Next of Kin and BBC’s How Gay is Pakistan?


“No-holds-barred physicality & high wattage charm" - The Guardian

Elf Lyons: Chiffchaff

Mirth, Marvel and Maud

2nd June, 19:00 (50 mins)

£8 (£7conc.) 

The Edinburgh Comedy Award Nominee (Best Show 2017) presents her one woman musical about the economy. You read that right. Let’s get fiscal. The kween of clown is back and she’s making the dismal science fun with a whole orchestra and an Invisible Hand. Why? Why not?

Directed by Aitor Basauri - Spymonkey

BBC New Talent Hotlist 2017

Malcolm Hardee Award Nominee 2017

British Vogue’s ’20 Names of Now’ 

“A fast talking, smart-thinking standup for whom the adjective “kooky” could have been invented for.” The Guardian

“Hysterical tour de force” ***** Three Weeks

“A fantastic comedic success” **** Fest

**** The Scotsman

Helen Duff: How Deep is your Duff

the Albany

2nd June, 19:00 (55 mins)

£8 (£7conc.) 

"Master of shamelessly silly yet socially conscious clowning" (****BroadwayBaby) dives to a "level of intimacy most acts wouldn't dare" 

( ****The Skinny)

and "it's a joy to behold" (****EdFringeMag).

"Bold, subversive, very funny"(****Scotsman).”

Corn Lady

The Albany

2nd June, 17:30 (60 mins)

£6 (£5conc.)


Catherine Badwind ‘Spirit of the Fringe' 2015 NZ Fringe is ready for you to meet Corn Lady! Lover of corn, corn fashionista, corn game enthusiast and environmental cornoisseuer Corn Lady’s bound to leave you with a ridiculous wisdom and insight to the world of corn.

Waiting For It

Wild Dandelions

Mirth, Maud & Marvel

2nd June, 17:30 (60 mins)

£7 adult, £5 child, £20 Family ticket

In this mystical Latin-American adventure in a computer dominated future, a machine creates two scientists in order to find “it,” plunging them into mythical lands to face fantastical creatures: a bird-mystic curing the audience of all their troubles in the jungle of a futuristic Latin-American continent and mischievous cloud-snow creatures. Audience members are invited to cross over further into their world. Through mime, clown and magic-realism we reflect on what it is we spend our lives searching for.

Lucy Pearman

Work in Progress

Mirth, Maud & Marvel

2nd June, 14:30 (60 mins)

£6, £5 (conc.) 

Harmless nonsense from 2017 Edinburgh Comedy Awards Best Newcomer Nominee Lucy Pearman.

Lucy will be trying out a brand new show featuring some nice grapes, probably an apple but more importantly, a worm. 

‘First steps on the road to household name’ **** Sunday Times 

‘Breathtakingly inventive… Blooming marvellous’ **** Fest 

‘Almost impossible not to laugh’ **** Scotsman 

‘Pearman is excellent’ Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke

Man of 1000 Farces

The Albany

2nd June, 20:30 (50 mins)

£8 (£7conc.)


"Roll up !roll up! For  50 mins of  surreal-physical-slapstick-magic-puppetry-clowning-sideshow. 100% shlock"n'roll, 0% hyperbole!"( M1000F didn't study with Gaullier)

A Tuttifrutti Cabaret

Mirth, Marvel and Maud

2nd June, 22:00 (60 mins)

£8 (£7conc.) 

Tragic Diva Nina Divina has assembled her favourite fierce females for a Tuttifrutti Cabaret night. Featuring original material from the worlds of clown, comedy, circus, bouffon and swing music. An occasion to enjoy an all female hour made by different sketches with all the possible international flavours.

TOP TEN MUST SEE CABARETS The List, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017

"…we were often surprised, things took different turns and there was plenty to enjoy and even be fascinated by…Plenty of comedy, cheeky one-liners, wit and a bit of rule-breaking – the ingredients of good, offbeat cabaret… left the audience clapping with delight …." Fringe Review


“I felt like I was sixteen again in the bedroom laughing with my girlfriends” Francesco Porcu, an audience member

Contains Nudity

Total Eclipse- "In a moment, my mum is going to step out of the moon"

Mirth Marvel and Maud

3rd June, 16:30 (60 mins)

£8 (£5conc.)


A humorous, playful, truthful and thought provoking piece of theatre, which challenges taboos and explores the impact of grief on our relationships and mental health.

Lily and Paco's relationship is in crisis after having both lost their mothers in the same year. They arrive to the top of a mountain in anticipation of a total lunar eclipse. For Lily, the eclipse signals that the spirit of her mother is about to step forward from the Moon to say goodbye to her while Paco just wants to relax, enjoy a picnic and take a few pictures. At the moment of the eclipse it gets darker than it has ever been before. A moment of darkness that pulls at the boundaries of their understanding of life and their relationship.

Marny Godden: Marny Town

The Grandees

Mirth, Marvel and Maud

2nd June, 20:30 (60mins)

£8 (£7 conc.)

Join Marny and her unique style of character clowning as she takes you on a trip through the coloured clouds of her imagination. Take the hand of a spinning lampshade and let the journey begin.’Sublimely silly, brilliantly performed’ TIMES 


Mirth, Marvel and Maud

31st May, 19:00 (60 mins)

3rd June, 18:00 (60 mins)

£8 (£7 conc)


Family Suitable Show

2nd June, 16:00

£7 adult, £5 child, £20 Family ticket 

Hilarious, absurd and often magical, this show juxtaposes themes of loneliness and belonging with joy and exhilaration. Pathos, dark humour and Victorian aesthetics combine to create a wonderful and mysterious backdrop to a poetic and surreal journey (with more than a little silliness thrown in for good measure)

Now That's What I Call Panto

Mirth, Marvel and Maud

3rd June, 13:30 (45 mins)

£7 adult, £5 child, £20 Family ticket

Petite Pantos bring you an all new fairy tale panto, with a 90s pop soundtrack, outrageous jokes and just a dash of cross-dressing.

Two fairies have the fate of the world in their hands. And only a girl dressed as a boy and a boy who likes boys (and girls) can save us!

Last Hive

Mirth, Marvel and Maud

3rd June, 19:30 (45 mins)

£8 (£7conc.) £5 group tickets (10 or more)

Award-winning Gaulier duo David Tann and Karen Houge take you on an epic journey of a honeybee trying to save his world through physical theatre, clown and shadow puppetry. Previously nominated for Best Theatre Award at Brighton Fringe.

Comrade Egg and The Chicken of Tomorrow (WIP)

The Albany

3rd June, 19:15 (45 mins)

£6 (£5conc.) 

Former meat processing factory worker, Comrade Egg can still hear the screams. She wants to change the world, and she’s starting with the chickens. Part clown boot camp, part meat industry magical realism, join Comrade Egg on a mission to lead 20,000 chickens to freedom


The Albany

3rd June, 20:30 (60 mins)

£8 (£7conc.)

Fringe World Perth Comedy Award Nominee (Best Show 2018) Marina Margarita is Odette, the larger than life Aussie cleaning lady everybody loves to love! 
Heavily pregnant and hormonal, can the UK handle this all singing, all booty-shaking sensation?!

★★★★★ - ‘bizarrely brilliant’ - Mumble Comedy
★★★★ - 'Come on down and see this excellent comedian in all of her glorious action' - Fourth Wall Media
'Marina Margarita has ‘a grace and playfulness that many performers would benefit from emulating’, - Gutter Culture

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