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Shows suitable for families...

All of these shows are suitable for audiences young and old. A child ticket can be purchased for anyone under 16 and anyone under 3 who will be sitting on the lap of an accompanying grown up can come for free.

All performances are relaxed performances.

The Big Balloon Spectacular

Circo Ridiculoso

21st May, 12:00 (45 mins)

£8.50 adult / £6.50 Child

£25 family  (2 Adults + 2 Children)

(Recommeded for ages 3+)

A unique and fantastic show combining comedy, balloons, mayhem and daftness. Danny the Idiot entertains with timeless skill and incredible balloon stunts of stupidity. Audience interaction, hilarity for both adults & children, all ending in a daring finale!


Danny the Idiot is a master balloonsmith and an internationally acclaimed award winning balloon entertainer. Just come and see for yourselves - you'll love it!

“A master of his own brand of tomfoolery” The Stage

Show length – Approximately 45 minutes no interval.

Warning! Loud balloon pops

Dr Zeiffal, Dr Zeigal and the Hippo The Can Never be Caught

13th May, 12:00

£8.50 adult / £6.50 Child

£25 family  (2 Adults + 2 Children)

Calling all hippo expert enthusiasts!


This award-winning family show for all ages will have kids storming the stage. Come and help the forgetful Dr Zeiffal catch that crafty hippo with her patented Hippo Instruments, featuring the Invisible Hippo Blanket, Hippo Google Goggles and a blizzard of Hippo packaging.


Expect belly laughs, belly flops and fantastical falling over in this ridiculous new adventure.


Winner: Best Family Show

Buxton Fringe 2016

The Story of The Nervous Man

Neil Frost / Honky Bonk Theatre

13th May, 17:00 (60 mins)

£8.50 adult / £6.50 Child

£25 family  (2 Adults + 2 Children)

(Recommeded for ages 12+)

Neil Frost can't speak, so his audience must tell his tale to help this nervous man change the monotony of his life. A riotous hour of clowning, character and living in the moment. Nominated for the Prague Fringe Inspiration Award (Best New Show)

‘Pushes the cutting edge of mime and interactivity… hysterically funny’

Fringe Review

‘Utterly foolish... a great deal of fun’ Prague Fringe

 ‘Neil Frost’s show is a gem of a piece… guaranteed to give you a good hour of enjoymentMetropolist

‘It's a no-brainer, you must see!

Ed Fringe Reviews

Mr Pineapple Head

21st May, 13:00 (45 mins)

£8.50 adult / £6.50 Child

£25 family  (2 Adults + 2 Children)

A theatre clown show for all the family. Mr Pineapple Head performs in the style of silent clown. He invites grown ups to share in the joy that the children experience as audience.


He has been continuously developing and fine tuning the show over 25 years. Research with master clowns, particularly Avner Eisenberg has led him to bring a purity and craft to his shows which comprise original material and classic vintage clown routines, including a deck chair sketch, personally handed on to him by 1950s/60s variety artist Ken Wilson.


Join Mr Pineapple Head as he explores the world of play and silliness, encountering everyday household items and space age toys……..

El Diablo of the Cards

20th May, 18:30 (60 mins)

£8.50 adult / £6.50 Child

£25 family  (2 Adults + 2 Children)

WINNER: Spirit of The Fringe, Hamilton  Fringe


"Master at getting his audience involved and excited" Fringe Review

“Highly entertaining master of the cards" Cable 14 Hamilton


Award-winning, clown and card magic Show “El Diablo of The Cards” comes all the way from Ouro Preto-Brazil to bring you an UNFORGETTABLE night.


Really unreal, provocatively absurd, gaulier-graduated Ewerton Martins will astound with his unbelievable improvised card magic. You will never laugh so much while being AMAZED!

“Martins perform a spectacular show of pure magic, improvisation and clowing.”  View Magazine

“I don’t trust him!” Philippe Gaulier

the Mrs McMoon Show

13th May, 14:00 (60 mins)

£8.50 adult / £6.50 Child

£25 family  (2 Adults + 2 Children)

(Reccomeded for ages 6+)

Meet Mrs McMoon: chaotic, cheeky and mischievous. With a twinkle in her eye and a hop in her step she invites you to join her show stopping, unpredictable venture.


Mrs McMoon is preparing the show that’s going to put her name in lights. She has to find the costumes, paint the set, learn her lines. But after all this mayhem and belly-aching laughter, will Mrs McMoon become a superstar?

"Storytelling at its finest… a truly lovely show" ★★★★★ Fringe Review

"Each of these character changes are quick and inventive" ★★★★ The List


"By the end of the show the children were standing up screaming 'Mrs McMoon!' ” ★★★★★ One4Review

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